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increasing margins.


improving capability.


refocusing cost control.

Case Studies

This major lifestyle retailer had recognized the need to improve the effectiveness of the buying team. Faced with a declining market the business had a particular need to improve margin.

Our initial analysis focused on how we might best structure the training needs. It was obvious that gaining the buy in of the initially skeptical Commercial Director would be paramount. We introduced an in house programme ‘Buy4Less’ which was part of the approach designed to off-set the initial wariness  of the commercial team. After an initial training session every member of the buying team was coached by Steve Jones in live negotiations.

The whole programme was undertaken in some 14 days. The improvement in buying terms was some £300,000 on a turnover of £40m. Since the activity the retailer reports a well motivated team firmly behind the need to constantly review their working practices in order to Buy4Less.



“Equalization of trading terms should yield £1m in cost saving, in the first financial year, it’s your role to ensure this happens” was the brief given as the business acquired a competitor. At the time of writing we have enhanced the return on the task to projected savings of £4m in three years - with a £2m saving realisable in the first year - on a turnover of £140m.

This national wholesaler has, in the face of a strongly branded market, achieved a result way beyond the original objective. It has acknowledged that using a structured approach to the introduction of a culture of cost control has been instrumental to this success.

In establishing this core value we trained every commercial buyer on the job, demonstrating individual techniques that achieved major savings as well a blueprint for the future.